All students suspected of having a communicable disease or are found to be ill and are unable to return to class
shall be transported home by their parent/ guardian/ legal custodian. All families should have a plan in place for
when a child becomes ill. Children are NOT to attend school until they are FULLY recovered from their

In case of suspected communicable disease cases, students may be required to obtain a medical release from a
licensed healthcare provider that the student is not contagious and may return to school. The Indian Community
School follows the recommendations of the city and state health departments. In containing the spread of
communicable disease to safeguard the health of all students and staff. The State of Wisconsin communicable
disease wall chart is posted in the School Health office. All information regarding students with suspected or
confirmed communicable disease is treated with confidentiality in accordance with state/federal laws.

Keep Your Child Home When . . .

  • Oral (by mouth) temperature is above 100 degrees F.
  • Cold symptoms are serious enough to interfere with your child’s ability to learn.
  • Cough causing difficulty breathing, chest pain or frequent vomiting (throwing up).
  • Diarrhea (the runs) or vomiting (throwing up). (should remain home for 24 hours after vomiting or diarrhea
  • Rash that has not been seen by a doctor or open sores that have drainage or pus.
  • Chicken Pox is very contagious and uncomfortable — please keep your child home until lesions are dry and crusted over.
  • Stomach pain with temperature, vomiting or diarrhea. (should remain home for 24 hours after vomiting or
    diarrhea stop)
  • Sore throat that hurts when your child swallows or has a fever and/or a rash.
  • Live Lice.
  • Pink eye; if drainage/gunk in eye is present or discomfort prevents learning. Child should be kept home for 24 hours after eye drops have been started.
  • Any infection that needs antibiotics. Your child should remain at home until after being on medicine for 24 hours and is no longer contagious.
  • When your child has been ill the night before and complains of being tired or not feeling well enough for school.