niko lee “kal^nakehtskwas” daniels

Our Ways Culture Support Specialist

Kalʌna Daniels- Shekóli swakéku̲! Kalʌnaɂkehtskwas ní·yúkyats, wakeskleɂwáke niwakiɂtaló·tʌ okháleɂ Onʌyoteɂa·ká niwakatuhutsyó·tʌ. Howdy, everyone! My name is She Picks up the Songs, (aka Kalʌna) I am Bear Clan and People of the Standing Stone (Oneida) is the earth I come from.

I am forever grateful to my mother, mentors, teachers, aunties, and uncles for believing in me by investing their love, patience, and knowledge throughout my life. Due to their unwavering support, I have spent the past 28 years teaching/investing in hundreds of youth in both my community, Oneida Wisconsin, and at the Indian Community School. I hold a Wisconsin DPI American Indian Language, History, Culture, and Tribal Sovereignty Teaching License. I am fortunate to work with a like minded team in the Our Ways Department at the Indian Community School. My teaching career has never been just a job, but rather a crucial attempt at passing on the oral teachings of the Lotinuhsyu·ní· (People of the Longhouse).

What I love doing the most is spending quality time with my four loving adult daughters, and seven miraculous grandchildren. Lastly, some of my personal interests are sewing, journaling, learning exciting new things, helping others and finally, practicing self-care and how to stay in the present moment.

Yoyantláti, it’s going well!

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