lori klein

Oneida Language and Culture Apprentice

Shekoli swakwek. Ms. Lori niyú-kyats ohkale onyotaka nii’i. Watekunuhwelatu. (Hello everyone. They call me Ms. Lori, and I am of the people of the Standing Stone. I extend my love, greetings and thankfulness to you all!)

I have been working with urban Native families in education for nearly ten years, and this is my second year at ICS. I am a second language learner and teacher of the Oneida language. My passion is Indigenous language revitalization, and working with youth and families. I live with my partner and his teenage son. We enjoy traveling, cooking, hiking, and learning how to forage/prepare/store plant medicines.

I look forward to continuing building relationships with ICS students and their loved ones.
Yaw^ko! (A big thank you!)

To contact me, please email me at: lklein@ics-edu.org

Oneida Language and Culture Apprentice: Lori Faber