jacob valtierra

Transition Coordinator

As the Transition Coordinator I work in partnership with ICS teachers, administration, staff, families and community members to support students by providing a comprehensive and developmental transition program including education, intervention and consultation.  I am dedicated to the academic, career, and social-emotional development of all students and alumni. On the middle school level, I work to support students and families in identifying high-school options, selecting a high school, preparing for transition, managing their transition and evaluating progress. I meet with students for check-ins and positive reinforcement, and I participate in the student mentor program.

At the alumni level, I monitor student data, assess the academic challenges and successes of alumni, and determine areas that ICS may improve to better prepare students for success. I also forge and maintain close partnerships with families; develop and maintain contacts at area high schools; facilitate and support students and families through the scholarship application process; and provide opportunities to return to ICS to keep grounded in their cultural beliefs and traditions.

As an urban Native man (Red Lake Ojibwe), I believe it is important to help our students find their identity by re-connecting with their culture through language. In my work at ICS I feel most passionate about helping students navigate their cultural, academic, and social journey and I believe it’s a life-long quest of figuring out who they are and what the Creator sent them here to do. I believe education, healthy family relationships and access to resources are the three primary things holding our communities back from thriving in the future. I hold a Master’s degree in Strategic Leadership from North Central University.

My grandmothers are Ozowebenaiseke (Yellow Thunder Woman), Josette Jourdain, Margaret Dorey, and Christine Valtierra. Each was born on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Beltrami County, Minnesota.

When I am not working at ICS, my family and I enjoy traveling around the state visiting our friends and relatives on one or more of the 11 federally recognized tribal communities in Wisconsin. My passion includes speaking to generations of Natives and non-Natives on the topics of leadership, spirituality, and family life. I currently live in Milwaukee with my wife Maria and our four children.

To contact me, please email me at:  jvaltierra@ics-edu.org

Jacob Valtierra - Transition Coordinator