cheyenne reel

Our Ways Assistant

Hanąąc hinįkaragiwi,

Hoocąk raašra Hąąpįįga hįįgaire eegi Mąįxete raašra Cheyenne Reelga hįįgaire. Teešišikregi haci haje nųnįge Nįoxawanįeja howaawaji. Woxopini hikikarac hižą waa’ųhaje eegi Hoocak hižą waa’ųhaje. Greetings to everyone, the Ho-Chunk name they call me is Good Day and the English name they call me is Cheyenne Reel. I currently reside in Milwaukee, however, I am from Black River Falls, Wisconsin. I belong to the Spirit Clan within the Ho-Chunk Nation.

I graduated from UW-Milwaukee summa cum laude in December of 2020 with my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Since then, my role at Indian Community School as the Our Ways Assistant has expanded to include helping language and culture full-time. A focal point in my own life is being able to practice traditional Ho-Chunk culture and advance my language-learning. I also enjoy sewing traditional and contemporary pieces of Indigenous clothing, a skill I share with staff and students in classes at ICS. I am currently pursuing my MS in Cultural Anthropology at UW-M and I look forward to also sharing the obtained knowledge with my ICS family.

To contact me, please email me at: