brenda downey

School Psychologist

Posoh, Boozhoo, Shekoli,

This is my 17th year as a school psychologist, and I’m just as excited to bring what I’ve learned as I am to learn more in my role at ICS.

As a school psychologist in public schools, the bulk of my work has previously been to oversee educational law and practices, as well as the academic and behavior intervention processes, crisis response and counseling, consultation with staff and families, and much committee work. My role at ICS will be different as we develop it based on the needs of the team, students, staff, and families.

I’m also the mother of three children and grandmother to one adorable 6-month old.

Waewaenen, Miigwech, Yaw^ko!

To contact me, please email me at:

Physical Education & Health Teacher E.J. Higgins