natalia woehl

Food Service Manager

As the Food Service Manager, I work with school staff and other stakeholders such as parents and students to provide delicious, healthy meals. I work to ensure our students are provided with nutritious foods each day in our different programs, including breakfast, lunch, fresh fruits and vegetables, and snacks. Wholesome nutrition is important for the students because nutritious foods are critical to learning. Many studies show the correlation between healthy meals and student success. Nutrition is therefore is our number one priority.

Our Food Service Department starts with the mantra that “Food is Medicine” and therefore sacred. Our goal is to ensure that our students are empowered to make healthy nutrition choices. In my work here at Indian Community School, I feel passionate about giving kids choices and experiences. Food should be enjoyable, but because “Food is Medicine,” students should learn that it also provides healing to our bodies. I take pride in having a group of employees who are committed to providing great customer service, are involved in our community by participating on many of the school activities and who are mentors to our students.

I am a Registered Dietitian and hold a master’s degree from Carroll University in Public Health Education. I have served as Chief Dietitian for the 452nd Combat Support Hospital and as president of the Milwaukee Dietetics Association and have advanced training from the USDA on biosecurity.

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Food Service Manager - Natalia Woehl