welcome to ics remote learning!

A Message for Parents/Guardians

As parents/guardians of our students, you play an essential role in their educational experience, so “Waewaenen, Miigwech, Yaw^ko, Thank You” for all that you are doing to help your children learn and grow!  It’s also very important to us that parents and students feel supported as we begin remote learning for all of our students. With that in mind, please know that remote learning is new for us as well. We are challenging ourselves as we explore new ways of delivering the best student learning experience possible, and we invite you on this learning journey with us.

We miss our students and cannot wait for us to all be together again at our school!  Until that time, we must abide by the national emergency and state mandate surrounding COVID-19 pandemic, meaning our school will remain closed for the duration of the current public health emergency or until a subsequent order lifts this specific restriction. Given this situation, we are grateful to be in a position to provide remote learning for ICS students and we look to you as our partners in this important effort.

Remote Learning Begins April 6, 2020

Beginning Monday, April 6th, all ICS students in grades K4-8 will be required to participate in remote learning. Our teachers and administrators are working together to ensure that online instruction materials are ready and with that, we are asking parents/guardians to help their children be ready for this new learning experience as well. We will continue to follow the ICS Academic Calendar, thus students are not expected to participate in remote learning on scheduled “no school days,” holidays and weekends. Please refer to ICS Academic Calendar on page 10 of this guidebook.

To participate in Remote Learning, ICS students will need:

  • An iPad for K5 & 1st grade students*
  • A Chromebook for 2nd-8th grade students*
  • K4 students will need access to Class Dojo.
  • Internet or WiFi (please contact us at (414) 525-6100 if you need assistance with an Internet connection)
  • Access to the ICS Student Landing Page
  • A copy of the “ICS Student Resources While at Home” document for usernames and passwords
  • A dedicated place to complete learning activities.

*If you have not picked up your child(ren)’s iPad or Chromebook, please contact us at (414) 525-6100.

Remote Learning Lessons and Activities

Remote learning does not mean that students will learn only by being online. Lessons and activities should be a balance of online and offline opportunities including: reading, writing, watching, creating, listening, reflecting, problem solving, engaging with peers via discussion boards and Google Docs, completing assignments, learning tasks, etc.  In remote learning, the lessons, activities and assessments will be connected to grade level Learning Targets* just as they would be if students were learning here at school.  

* Learning targets are written statements that clearly identify what students are expected to know and do by the end of each grade level.

Teacher Work Hours

Teachers will be available during the regular established school hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Please communicate with your child’s teachers during these hours via email, phone calls, Google Docs or any combination of these methods. Contact information for teachers can be found HERE.

If you are calling, please be sure to leave a detailed voice message, including your name, your child’s name and a phone number where you can be reached.  ICS teachers and support staff are able to receive voicemail through their email and they will receive your message.

Teachers will be monitoring student progress on a regular basis to provide additional support as necessary.  We understand the established hours (8:00 am to 4:00 pm) may not work for all students and families — we will do our best to accommodate families who need additional support. Teachers
will try to respond to all parent, family and student emails within 24 hours of receiving them, Monday through Friday.

Check-in and Attendance

Although daily attendance will NOT be recorded, teachers will be checking each day for student engagement in daily lessons. Teachers will keep track of student engagement through online discussion boards, email, submitted assignments, etc.  If a student is not completing and submitting work for
several days, the teacher, as well as other support staff from ICS, will contact the student and/or family
to check in.   

How to Access Lesson Plans

Teachers for each grade level will post weekly lesson plans online for remote instruction and learning that will include the activities and resources that students will access each day. The lessons can be accessed through the Student Landing Page, which is a website for students that acts as a “home screen” on ICS iPads and Chromebooks.  The Student Landing Page should already be familiar to students as this is how they have used their iPads and Chromebooks here at school.  When a student turns on an ICS-issued Chromebook or iPad, the Student Landing Page is the first image seen. From there, students will be able to view and navigate through their lessons and activities for the week.  

For students using their own personal computer, the Student Landing Page is accessible on the Instructional Technology Page of the ICS website:  https://ics-edu.org/technology-2/

Students in grades 1-8 will be using Google Classroom to access resources and lessons and to submit their assignments.  Students in grades K4 and K5 will use ClassDojo.  

Due to liability, live video Is NOT permitted for remote learning.
Remote learning activities and links will be posted on your child’s grade level Student Landing Page by 8:00 am Monday of each week that ICS Remote Learning is in session.  

Instructional Time

The following expectations have been developed as a guide for remote learning lessons for each group of students (by grade).

The suggested times for student engagement on remote learning activities are as follows: 

  • Grades K4:  approximately 2.5 hours of learning each day (including specials)
  • Grades K5 – 5th grade: approximately 3 hours of learning each day (including specials)
  • Grades 6th – 8th grade:  approximately 3.5 – 4 hours of learning each day (including specials)

These times reflect a total of all learning activities, including instruction, independent practice, application and assessment.  The Specials Schedule for remote learning days that are two times per week is flexible. Students may choose which days they engage in these lessons and activities for specials.  

Grading and Feedback

Assignments and assessments will not be traditionally graded during remote learning.  However, students are required to complete assignments and assessments, and teachers will be recording progress and giving students feedback to ensure they are demonstrating understanding of the grade level Learning Targets.  Assignments and assessments for grades K5-8 will be documented in PowerSchool as “Collected”, “Incomplete”, or “Missing” for all courses.  The purpose of maintaining records in PowerSchool is to provide students and families the ability to track progress on assignments and assessments.

Due dates will be flexible to allow students to complete work at a reasonable and flexible pace.  Teachers will continuously update PowerSchool to reflect the most accurate and recent status of student progress as students complete and submit their work.  Teachers will offer students feedback in the form of commenting on documents, responding to and creating email communications, providing feedback in Google Classroom and personally connecting with families via phone.  If a student has not demonstrated proficiency of a Learning Target, feedback will be provided along with an expectation that the student resubmit his/her work. Student engagement for each child will be recorded each week by the school, so it is important that your child is completing assignments on a regular basis.


Student learning will be assessed for all courses.  The assessments will not be in the form of lengthy tests, but rather, to check for understanding.  Students will complete assessments through exit tickets (quick check for understanding), written reflections, Google Forms, etc.  If at any time your child has a question, please reach out to his/her teacher for assistance and support.  

Supporting All Students

It is important that all of our students are following along with their studies and are connected to the community.  Instructional support, social workers and student support staff will be working with classroom teachers to ensure that all of our students are successful in their remote learning experience.  Students who receive additional intervention support or require accommodations for technology will have their instructional needs met to the best of our ability during remote learning. If you experience issues accessing the ICS online resources provided or with technology or WiFi, please reach out to Mr. Dropik at (414) 525-6100.

Technical Support From the Tech Help Desk

The Tech Help Desk will be available during established school hours (8:00 am to 4:00 pm), to staff and families. Please email help@ics-edu.org or call (414) 525-6126 with any technical, iPad or Chromebook issues. Please include as much detail as possible in your email or phone message. Include a phone number so that the Tech Help Desk can get back to you quickly. Messages will be returned within 24 hours and in the order in which they were received.

ICS Student/Family Support 

Student/Family Support staff will be reaching out to all families to make them aware of their availability and how they can stay connected with students during the long-term closure. If you become concerned about your child and his/her well-being, please reach out to the student services staff.  

tech help line

Call (414) 525-6126 or email: help@ics-edu.org
We will respond within 24 hours


academic staff

language & culture teachers

instructional support

student/family support

student landing page

Resources for each grade level are available on our Student Landing Page Google Site.

This is also a great place for family members to learn more about the programs our students use at school.

Check this link for frequently asked questions about ICS Remote Learning.

google help

Need help with Google Docs, Drive, or Slides? The Google Help website will help you troubleshoot.

This is also a great resource for families to learn about all the programs our students use every day.

chromebook shortcuts

Common shortcuts to use when on the Chromebook.

Troubleshooting 101 – Quick fixes to get a Chromebook back on the right track at school.

1. Sign out and sign in

2. Shut down and restart – Hold down the power button for more than 3 seconds or power down using the shut down button in the Chromebook status window.  Restart.

3. Update Chrome OS – A Chromebook automatically checks for updates, but it is also possible to check for and install updates manually.

4. Collaborate with another student to find a solution.

5. Explore the problem with a teacher.

6. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please bring your Chromebook to the ICS Help Desk for repair, or have a teacher call X6126.

resources for families

wi dpi internet safety

“The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI), in partnership with the Department of Justice (DOJ), are working to create awareness about Internet Safety.  This site provides a compilation of resources, tools, and information to empower all stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, and administrators) to make safe, smart and ethical decisions about technology use.  Over the last few years, there has been a shift from ‘acceptable’ to ‘responsible’ use of digital resources.  This shift is a change in expectation for use of technology in and out of the classroom.  Keeping kids safe online is a fundamental goal of school districts, the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan, and the Wisconsin Information and Technology Literacy Standards. Technology is a way of life for today’s students and we all need to be sure we support their safe and responsible use of digital resources.” https://dpi.wi.gov/internet-safety

connect safely

By families; for families: A growing collection of short, clearly written guidebooks that help parents and families understand apps, services and platforms popular with kids and teens.

family safety online institute

The Family Online Safety Institute is an international collective that offers parents and families resources to understand the potential risks and harms, as well as the rewards of our online lives.

family link by google

Family Link can help you set certain ground rules about technology, and allows you to pre-approve a list of apps and services your child can use. This does require an email address for your student.


Learn about digital citizenship, Internet safety, security, privacy, cyber bullying, sexting, reputation management and more so you can help kids embrace technology safely and wisely.

common sense media family resources

Common Sense Media is our digital citizenship program at ICS. This site will provide parent and family resources to help navigate students who are growing up in an increasingly complex digital world.