response to intervention

Indian Community School is committed to providing the necessary resources to help all students reach their full potential. As a part of that commitment, we use a Response to Intervention (RTI) system. This system provides students with a variety of instructional supports based on their individual needs. All students in grades K5 through 8th grade will be in some sort of an RTI grouping. Every grade level has a 30 minute time blocked out each day for RTI and do not miss any core classes because of it.

These groupings will be changing on an as-needed basis. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your student’s homeroom teacher (6th – 8th grades), classroom teacher (K5 – 5th grades), and/or their assigned RTI teacher.


What is NWEA MAP?
NWEA is the Northwest Evaluation Association, a not for profit organization dedicated to helping all children learn.  NWEA provides research-based assessments called Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) to improve teaching and learning.

What does a MAP assessment look like?
A MAP assessment is a computer delivered adaptive test.  As the student responds to questions, the computer builds a test for that student based on correct or incorrect responses to previous questions.

What do MAP assessments measure?
MAP assessments are aligned to Wisconsin State Standards and are designed to measure student achievement and growth in reading, math, language usage, and science.

Who will be taking the MAP assessment?
Students in K5 through 8th grade will be taking the MAP assessment in the areas of reading and math.  Additionally 3rd -8th graders will take the language usage and science assessment.

Questions and Answers

When will my child be assessed and how often?
At Indian Community School, a parent can expect their child to be tested in the Fall (September), Winter (January), and in Spring (April).

How are the results of MAP used?
The Fall results are used by teachers to plan instruction for individual students and/or groups of students.  They may also be used to identify areas in need of improvement. The Spring results are used to measure student progress or growth in the areas of reading and math.

When will parents receive MAP results?
The Fall results will be provided at the first parent teacher conferences, the Winter and Spring results will be mailed to parents.

How does this assessment benefit students?
MAP assessment results are available to teachers the day after testing, allowing teachers to use the data to inform classroom instruction for groups of students or individual students.  MAP assessments are also based on a growth model and are able to provide information regarding student learning from fall to spring and year to year.

Are there accommodations for younger grades?
For students in K5 and first grade, the test is read to them as they listen with headphones.