positive behavior interventions
and supports (pbis)


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a process of creating proactive, school-wide systems that focus on preventing inappropriate behaviors and recognizing appropriate behaviors.

PBIS is a national behavior development model currently used by 50% of all schools in the United States.  Data is used to monitor progress.

The purpose of PBIS is to create and sustain a positive school community where everyone feels respected, understands their responsibilities, and experiences success in all school environments.

Schools that participate in the PBIS process seek to create and sustain positive school climates by defining, teaching, and reinforcing a universal set of behavioral expectations.

The PBIS program teaches behavior the same way academics are taught. Teachers directly teach, model, practice, and reinforce appropriate behavior.

Our School’s PBIS motto is “S.O.A.R. Like an Eagle the ICS Way.”  S.O.A.R. stands for “Supporting Others and Acting Responsibly.” Our 4 Directions expectations are: Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Ready to Learn.  

Data is collected on-campus at ICS using the ICS Behavior Report form for inappropriate minor and major behaviors.  Parents are notified if a minor or major report form has been submitted for your child.  Data is then processed using S.W.I.S. (School Wide Information System), which is a web based data collection program.  S.W.I.S. data will then be used to support all behavior instruction.

More information: Wisconsin PBIS Network

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Data is collected using the ICS Behavior Report below.  Parents are then notified if a minor or major report form has been submitted for their child.

ICS Behavior Report