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The Indian Community School cultivates an enduring cultural identity and critical thinking by weaving indigenous teachings with a distinguished learning environment.

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meet our physical
education teacher

B. Denise Christofferson
Phone: 414-525-6114



Program Mission

To provide all students the opportunity to explore, practice, and improve in a safe, caring, and fun physically active environment with an emphasis on lifetime fitness and Native American culture and traditions.



The curriculum for this course is developed from the National Shape America Standards and the framework of the ICS Our Ways Cultural Calendar. Physical literacy skills, including motor skills and movement patterns, concepts and strategies, health-enhancing physical fitness, responsible personal and social behavior, and valuing physical activity.


All students are evaluated quarterly on Leading an Active Lifestyle and Responsible Actions during physical education class. Annually, students complete the Presidential Challenge Physical Fitness Test and Health Fitness Test to determine current levels of Health-Enhancing Fitness.