our ways staff and room

Because “culture is the heart of our school,”  Indian Community School has a dedicated Our Ways room and staff who ensure that Native language and culture is a part of everything we do here at our school.  Our Ways staff assist in the integration of culture and academics; they coordinate cultural events and programming and they serve as cultural resources for students, staff and the community.  The Our Ways room often serves as a gathering place for students, families, staff and cultural guests. Community members are encouraged to contact the Our Ways Director or Coordinator with questions or to arrange a visit. For more information, please contact: mpowless@ics-edu.org or auwilliams@ics-edu.org or, you can call the Our Ways Room at 414-525-6144.

Our Ways Team:
Mark Powless, PhD
Our Ways Director

Audra Williams
Our Ways Coordinator

Cheyenne Reel
Our Ways Assistant

Niko Lee “Kal^nakehtskwas” Daniels
Cultural Support Specialist

George Greendeer
Ho-Chunk Language and Culture Teacher

Curtis Prescott
Ho-Chunk Language and Culture Apprentice

Rebecca Basina
Menominee Language and Culture Teacher

Shane Waubanascum
Menominee Language and Culture Apprentice

Valerie Clark
Ojibwe Language and Culture Teacher

Isabel St. Arnold
Ojibwe Language and Culture Apprentice

Lori Klein
Oneida Language and Culture Teacher

Sofia Danforth
Oneida Language and Culture Apprentice