instructional technology

Indian Community School has adopted an Instructional Technology framework that emphasizes the importance of putting learning first and technology second. Device and programming decisions are made in close collaboration with the Director of Instruction to ensure that the technology at ICS is purposeful and supports academic standards as well as the mission and vision of the school. To create a diverse experience and allow for creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, character, and communication skills, students at Indian Community School have access to a variety of technology tools, including Chromebooks, iPads and Windows computers. 

The goals of Instructional Technology at ICS are to:

  • increase engagement in learning goals.
  • enhance and extend learning goals.
  • use technology as a TOOL to improve and enhance teaching and learning.
  • empower students to take ownership of their learning.
  • engage students in creating content, collaboration with others, and making connections.
  • provide meaningful and authentic learning experiences for students and teachers.

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If you have questions about this information, please contact the Instructional Technology Specialist, Pattie Morales by phone at 414-525-6149 or by email at