parents as teachers (pat)

Are you the parent of a child under 5? If so, we have the program for you and your child! Did you know that children learn most from the people they love?

Being a parent is a lot more fun and much less stressful if:

  • You know how your child grows and develops.
  • You know how to encourage your child so he/she will get off to a great start in life.
  • You share experiences and receive support from other families who have a child the same age as yours.

Give your child the best possible start in life by enrolling in the Parents as Teachers Program.The program includes:·

  • A special time with you and your child –home visits.
  • A time to check on your child’s development screening.
  • Fun activities for both parent and child.
  • Resources linking parents with special services, if needed.

Who is eligible?

The program is available to all with young children of Native American decent. This includes families who:

  • Are expecting a new baby.
  • Have children five years old or younger.

Have fun with your child as you guide his or her learning during the early years! We look forward to working with you and your child during these important years of development. For more information about the Parents as Teacher’s program or to enroll, contact Jackie Feavel @ 414-525-6148.

BRAIN FACTS TO SHARE                                          

Did you know?

  • The quality of the relationship an infant has with their primary caregiver has a direct impact on the physical development of the brain.
  • Even though the brain is making trillions of connections as an infant and toddler, it takes years throughout childhood and adolescence to organize it into a mature adult brain.
  • Research demonstrates that nature helps the brain relax and restore itself after experiencing stress or negative emotions.

Text 4 Baby

She’s One Smart Mom, She’s Got text4babyText BABY to 51141 Get FREE messages each week on your cell phone to help you through your pregnancy and your baby’s first year.  Text4baby is an educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. You can click on the “Text 4 Baby” link above to register.

Parents As Teachers (PAT)