Our Mission Statement

The Indian Community School cultivates an enduring cultural identity and critical thinking by weaving indigenous teachings with a distinguished learning environment.


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our ways is culturally responsive curriculum

Listening to Tribal Voices

Beginning in the Fall of 2015 and through the Spring of 2016, we set out to build a culturally responsive curriculum by seeking knowledge from more than 800 Native people throughout the state of Wisconsin. In our travels, we listened to students, elders, tribal leaders and parents. We visited every Tribal Nation of Wisconsin and what we learned from ”listening to these tribal voices,” formed the basis for our new Our Ways curriculum, which is being field-tested at our school during the 2017-2018 school year.

Our Ways Curriculum

Our Ways is the new culture curriculum used in all of our classrooms. It is also a resource center and a philosophy. Ongoing support for Our Ways curriculum can be found in the Our Ways Room, located inside our school. Parents, students and teachers are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas in a family-friendly setting. Our Ways supports culture and community being integral parts of everything we do at Indian Community School.

Native Language

Since language carries the culture, we have built strong programs in Menominee, Ojibwe and Oneida languages. Children have regular classes throughout the week and are encouraged to use Native language everywhere in the school. Our Native Language Program combined with Our Ways curriculum blends the best of both worlds in academic excellence.